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    This free unlimited Internet trick is for Azeeztech readers on the Tunisie network in Tunisia using the UDP protocol to tunnel for free net access. At the mention of UDP protocol, VPN tunneling software such as Droid VPN, Finch VPN, Net Loop, and many others.

    So what's required to jumpstart or make the trick work? Nothing. Yes, you don't need airtime, an active data plan, or something of that sort. Once you've got any of the VPN tunneling software mentioned above, you are good to go.

    But just then, i insist that you use a Tunisie SIM card with zero data and airtime on as to prove to you guys that the trick really works.

    Back to the trick. We used the Droid VPN for this trick which makes it a Droid VPN-free Internet trick, though you can still port the settings to the VPN tunnel app of your choice.

    Follow the procedures below for the Droid VPN free Internet settings, configure and enjoy free unlimited Internet access. Enjoy.


    1. A Tunisie Tunisia SIM card with zero data and call credit
    2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
    3. The VPN tunnel app of your choice (Find the link below)
    4. The configuration settings

    Tunisie Tunisia Driod VPN Free Internet Settings

    1. Click here to download Droid VPN APK and or Droid VPN PC
    2. Install the app and then open it.
    3. Click on Settings and then go to UDP Settings
    4. Now configure this way:
        Auto port scan: Tick
        Remote UDP port: 3500
        Local UDP port: 6
        Choose UDP Mode: Mode 1
        TCount: 1000
        RCount: 4
    5. Now return back, select a server and Connect and enjoy free Internet access

    Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Azeeztech only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities so that they can fix them.

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    S-SamFrp Bypass Tool V2.2 is a free Bypass FRP google lock tool developed by S-SERVER for all Samsung Galaxy devices, you can easily Unlock FRP google lock from your Samsung devices running Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 Pie, Android 10, Android 11, and android 12 just in one click, you can also read device info, factory reset, enter download mode and Disable OTA Update. So Download S-SamFrp Tool V2.2, and you will now be able to FRP bypass the Google account lock on your Samsung Galaxy device with any android version.

    Android System provides security features called FRP or Factory Reset Protection on all android devices with Lollipop 5.1 and higher. this security feature is added by Android in case your Android mobile gets lost or stolen and someone tries to use it when u have already added lock screen security (Pattern-Pin-Code-Fingerprint-faceID). so after doing the hard reset, you’ll be required to log in to the Gmail account that you set up previously on the device, so without this Google account, you can’t access your Samsung Phone.

    if you need a guide on how you can bypass Gmail Account FRP in your Samsung Galaxy mobile then you can check below.

    Download S-SamFrp FRP Tool V2.2

    Here you can download the S-SamFrp bypass Tool V2.2 for All-New Samsung devices.

    File Name: S-SamFrp_Tool_2.2_Setup.rar
    Size: 11.52 Mo
    Supported OS: Windows
    Download Link: MediafireMirroredUserupload

    How to Use S-SamFrp Tool V2.2

    Download the S-SamFrp_Tool_V2.2 Tool on your computer and click on S-SamFrp_Tool_V2.2_Setup.exe

    • Click Next.

    Click Next.

    Click Next.

    Click Install & Wait Until the Tool is installed.

    Click Finish.

    • Run S-SamFrp Tool.

    For Samsung devices, you can read device info, Unlock FRP, enter download mode, and factory reset
    Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to the computer via USB cable.
    Go to emergency call then Dial *#0*#
    Click read device info.
    Click Unlock FRP.
    Enable USB debugging on the Samsung FRP phone.
    The Samsung device will reboot after bypassing FRP.
    On ADB Mode you can read device info, Unlock FRP, enter download mode and Disable OTA Update.

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    FRP lock became a big problem for all Android devices, If you have forgotten your Google Account ID/password or purchased a second-hand mobile, it is important to know how to bypass a Google Account. Below you can Download FRP Tools Free which can help you easily bypass the Google Account verification process. There are alternative FRP bypassing ways offered, a number of them work & some don’t work anymore.

    If you want all FRP bypass tool that can help you to bypass Google Account easily then you are in the right place, All FRP tools are tested and updated for the process of bypassing Google verification.

    You can easily bypass Factory Reset Protection using our FREE unlock service via this FRP APK & FRP bypass tool that would save you time, so if you get to know how to use this tool, FRP apk & tool search for your device on the site, & if you don’t find your device, just comment below and I will try to respond to any questions asap.

    When you added a Google Account on your Android phone you automatically Active the FRP protection, so Due to a large number of FRP problems, helps you to find A quick solution to Bypass FRP and remove Google Account from your smartphone with a very easy way.

    Download Bypass FRP APK Tools

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    The Airtel SmartTrybe has been around for a while and today I will be sharing, how you can subscribe to the 1GB data plan for just N100. The plan is designed for youth offering pocket-friendly call and data rates as well as irresistible freebies to customers. It also comes offering customers free 15MB every week on this tariff plan.

    The call rate on the Airtel SmartTrybe is 11k/sec to all networks after the first 50 secs.The offer also offers the cheapest cost of data bundle. For the Trybe Special Data, you get 1GB of data for just N500 and it’s valid for one week (7 days). The Trybe Night Browsing Plan, gives you 250MB data for N25 (12:00am – 5:00am).

    How To Get Airtel SmartTrybe 1GB for N100

    For you to get the 1GB data for just N100, you need to subscribe over and over again. That is, you can get 1GB with N100 or more, when you repeat the process over and over.

    The plan is best for heavy downloaders, like large movie files, music, series and more.

    How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTrybe

    Migrate to SmartTrybe is very easy; all you have to do, is to dial *312#

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     This is my First post, I am Bello Azeez Taiwo

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